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Four Reasons We’re Thrilled About Mother’s Day

And one reason to be mindful

May 4, 2022

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Mother’s Day is a classic time for brunch and contemplation. Here at NCA, we’re struck by how much of our work is informed by the business of mothers. Today, we’re covering four reasons we’re all in on Mother’s Day, and one reason we’re mindful.  


1. The goals of the CACFP and of moms are well aligned 

The CACFP has a list of straightforward goals, and as the National CACFP Sponsors Association, we have a list of seven advocacy goals which align with those. And moms? Moms want several of those things too. To put it plainly, we’re on a team together to see children fed and healthy. On Mother's Day, we’re delighted to celebrate our teammates on this journey. 

2. CACFP providers are likely to be moms

Our purpose is to support our members, and many of them are likely to be moms. Ninety-four percent of childcare providers are women, and 92% of our own social media followers are women, nearly all of them between the ages of 25 and 64.  

3. Breastfeeding is supported in the CACFP

Human milk through breastfeeding is an ideal source of nutrition for infants. In fact, breastmilk is reimbursable as part of the CACFP meal pattern! Mothers may breastfeed onsite, or parents can provide expressed or pumped breastmilk for their child. If providing expressed or pumped breastmilk, as long as the infant is offered the minimum amount of breastmilk required by the CACFP, you can claim it as part of a reimbursable meal even if baby does not drink all of it. Childcare sites are encouraged to support mothers’ breastfeeding efforts and refer them to resources in their community for further support, like the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) or a local breastfeeding coalition.  

 4. Our NCA Mom-Squad

Moms are just a big deal. Here at NCA, many of us are moms, and many of us clock a lot of hours with our own moms. In some ways, these experiences guide us forward. We want to offer excellent resources, opportunities, advocacy and more to our members, and our mamas always told us to work hard and do our best. To a great extent, the work we do in support of the CACFP supports children around the country, and by extension it supports their mothers. As a part of that community ourselves, we can’t help but be motivated to do our best.

One thing to keep in mind 

For many, Mother’s Day can be a challenge. There are many types of families that don’t include a mother, and they may feel excluded by this celebration. People who have recently lost their moms may feel grief on Mother’s Day, and mothers who have lost a child may feel extreme sorrow.  Celebrate joyfully with friends and family, but tread lightly with those whose stories you may not know as well.  

Happy Mother’s Day 

One thing’s for sure, we’re wishing you well this Mother’s Day. From all of us at NCA, we’re sending all of you laughter, joy, togetherness (and our fingers are still crossed for brunch). Members: Not sure where to begin? Check out this members-only Mother’s Day Activity Page.