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Lorain County Head Start

May 3, 2022

Build A Balanced Plate: Out of the Box Cooking Series
Lorain County Head Start (Ohio), in partnership with Pisanick Partners, provided a three part cooking series to families of children in the Head Start program. The series gave families the opportunity to receive a box of ingredients and learn how to make a recipe while receiving some nutrition education. Participants watched a video of a registered dietitian and chef preparing the recipe and providing nutrition tips. After the video was shown, there was time for questions and engagement. The three sessions were designed to build on each other and show how the recipes could be utilized to build a balanced plate. In the inaugural series the recipes included: Salsa, Mexican Frittata, and Cilantro Lime Quinoa. This is an example of one of the videos.
Positive feedback from participants was received with 100% saying they would participate again and recommend the class to others. Some of the comments participants gave were the following:
  • I learned to experiment with items in your fridge and pantry.
  • I learned a new recipe that is healthy for the whole family and is pretty easy to make.
  • I learned how versatile each recipe can be I learned how to cook Quinoa. Never had it before.
  • I learned how to make a plate healthier and how fiber helps.
  • I learned that we don't have to make our kids try food. It's all about presenting it to them.
  • I learned how to make new recipes. My children and I were excited each time to open the box and follow the recipes.
  • I learned how to prepare an easy meal after a long day. Introducing new ethnic meals rather than traditional ones.
  • I already cook a lot so it was fun to learn new recipes! I LOVE that you gifted the supplies along with the ingredients. I have had the same favorite knife for about 15 years but the one that came with the salsa box is amazing,
We loved when families shared photos of the recipes they created. We look forward to continuing and growing this program.
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