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Self-Care Summer Toolkit

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

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Caregivers who support young people have given their all this year. Self-care is a holistic approach to caring for one's emotional AND physical wellness. Self-care challenges the idea the health is only about physical wellbeing, and that social-emotional care is critically important as well. Caregivers who dedicate themselves to the wellness of children and elders may struggle to adopt self-care routines into their daily habits.

Download this Self-Care Summer Toolkit from our friends at Alliance for a Healthier Generation for detailed ideas to replenish your inner resources. This toolkit includes:

  • Information in English and Spanish
  • Instructions to make a family vision board
  • Ideas for meals and movement
  • So much more!

The benefit of using a resource like this to reduce stress and improve wellness and resiliency. Piecing together a self-care plan by yourself can feel overwhelming, and when the desired outcome is less stress, overwhelm is the last thing you want! Integrating this plan into your summer routine when days are longer and life tends to be less busy is a great way to help ensure these habits transition with you back into the bustle of fall. We're wishing you peace and wellness this summer--check out this resource and let us know what you think.