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In Your Own Words: 2022 Conference In Review

April 29, 2022

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Our priority in producing the National Child Nutrition Conference is premium programming for all our providers, sponsors and state agencies who attend. Your time is valuable, and we're honored you spend it with us. To that end, we seek feedback for every session, at the end of the conference, and even on social media. Here's what you had to say this year:

I have a blast in the CACFP conference, I enjoy all my classes and the exhibit vendor, the CACFP team do a excellent job organizing this event was my first time and definitely I will return. Jazmin Cuevas


Working with our students to grow food that we will then purchase and put into their meals is our favorite thing 💕💕 Looking forward to learning more garden ideas this morning. Kristina Kraushaar
I really enjoyed the Conference. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year. Safe travels home and keep filling these kiddos bellies . I thank everyone for what you do. Joe Irwin


Lots of great ideas and information was shared during the Learning Institute session 301 yesterday. Wonderful to be able to share with others doing the same work! Joanne Norman

With the realities of waiver expiration  shifting the way we operate, I feel pretty rusty on menu planning for congregate: feeling very excited for this learning opportunity. Martina Leforce


Sesame Street in Communities was an energizing and inspiring workshop! Got me in all the feels. Check out for great resources. Dana Launius


Wow all about diets and finding the truth behind fad diets and the research we should be listening to! Thank you Elana Natker! Chris Castillo


I took Chef Bienvenu’s recommendation and tried MOPHO. Wow! Fresh, delicious and flavorful pork belly pho. Spencer Winn


1st Child Nutrition Conference and 1st time in New Orleans. This has been a very beneficial learning experience for me and I have a lot of new tools of knowledge to add to my toolbox when I go back home to SC. I also attained my CCNP Certification while at conference, thank you so much Jennifer Beasy for you kindness, professionalism, and fun nature, if there were 10 stars available to give you would get them all!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Robin Dreher

What big takeaways or “a-ha” moments did you have during this morning’s sessions? Here are some of mine: engage with volunteers; always consider the full scope of a child’s well being; and the most impact occurs when you meet providers & families where they are.  Kayla Overbay