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5 Ways to Level Up with the CACFP Nutrition Calendar

April 26, 2022

How many pages came in your 2022 wall calendar? We're guessing it was close to 12. The CACFP Nutrition Calendar and Training Program includes 56 pages of quality, trusted content that's meant to help develop your CACFP programming. We've got five reasons this is a can't miss tool in your child nutrition toolbox.

1. Monthly activity pages. 

Each month comes with a new set of activity pages. Activities range from crafts to games and acknowledge changing seasons and holidays while providing meaningful education and development opportunities for child participants. We know a major task of providers is sourcing or creating work that aligns with curriculum. Let us take some of the burden with these monthly activity pages.

2. Motivational Posters

Let's face it. If the posters hanging in your center haven't changed since 2002, it may be time for a refresh. This calendar comes with updated encouraging posters to refresh your walls each year. The posters are bright and child friendly, and the 2022 posters feature adorable cartoon animals in line with the counting animals theme.

3. Five Hour Training Module

Maybe you're new to the CACFP, or maybe you're an old hand, but you're onboarding new employees. Either way, this training module featuring five one hour segments is the perfect addition to your internal professional development. Topics include: Meal Patterns, Best Practices, Healthy Habits, Parenting Connections and Business Records.

4. Parent Connection Newsletters

These monthly newsletters come with eye-catching, professional artwork and plenty of space to personalize your message. Using twelve consistently beautiful, themed newsletters will level-up your parent communication game and demonstrate professionalism without investing the time and labor in designing them yourself.

5. Optional Record Keeping System

This optional add-on is a robust business management package. The record keeping system includes space for recording attendance, expenses, utilities, payments and more. There's even a worksheet for calculating federal income tax.