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Lawrence County Social Services

March 15, 2022

Here at LCSS, the kiddos are participating in a scavenger hunt where they will have to locate 5 different fruits and/or vegetables that will be placed throughout our sites.
We have scheduled kitchen tours so the kids see where all the magic happens. During their visit, they will be wearing chef hats and aprons that they've decorated ahead of time.
Also, to reflect "Eat the Rainbow", each day, we will focus on a color to wear. Staff and kids alike will dress according to the featured color.
Information will be sent home via Class Dojo to parents that talks about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables in each color group.
Each of our sites will be set up to display CACFP healthy eating information along with ideas of how to stay active as a family as well as an individual.
Each one of the food groups will be featured per day with sample foods for parents to take as they drop off and pick up their children. (ex. On Monday, we will focus on the fruit component. Tuesday will be vegetables, Wednesday will be grains, Thursday will be the meat/alternative and Friday will be the milk/dairy group).
In partnership with Adagio Health, we have been provided with kitchen supplies to be given and displayed on our tables, as well. (ex. whisks, refrigerator thermometers, cutting boards, rubber spatula, manual can openers).
As a result of the classrooms participating in National CACFP Week, each classroom will be awarded a "Certificate of Completion" and each student will be given a treat bag with goodies placed in it to represent a "Carrot Theme" .
Our infants will take home fresh pears with a recipe for making homemade baby food.
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