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Little Treasures

February 12, 2022

At Little Treasures, we believe early interactions and experiences have a strong influence in a child’s brain development.
We know the early years shape the way children think and learn about nutrition. Little Treasures provides breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack to the children in our care. We encourage the kids to try at least one bite of each food served.
Our goal is to help children have an open mind when it comes to food. We talk about our taste buds changing all the time and foods they might not have liked before, they might like now. Being a part of a USDA program gives us the opportunity to spend more money on the foods we serve. We strongly believe fresh is better and do not serve any canned fruits of veggies in our program.
Our kids enjoy whole grains and get excited to try new foods. They like spinach, brown rice, fish, whole grain pasta, kale, steamed broccoli, cauliflower, soybeans, bell peppers, asparagus, red cabbage and zucchini. Every so often, we are able to get starfruit, papaya and dragon fruit and the kids are willing to eat them.
We have a garden every year and the kids help plant and tend the garden. The kids like trying the foods they grow. We also enjoy creating fun pictures with food for a couple of the meals we serve each week.
Parents appreciate their child’s wiliness to eat new foods at home. We like to celebrate CACFP Week by having the kids pick out a new recipe to try.
-Naoi and Elisa Leialoha
La Junta, Colorado
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