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Federal Funding Streams for ECE

Farm to School Network

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The latest round of federal stimulus funding - the American Rescue Plan - will be infusing billions of dollars through the early care and education sector and food and agriculture systems in the coming months. While severely devastated by the COVID-19 emergency and subsequent economic crisis, both of these sectors are ripe with opportunity to build back with greater equity and resiliency. Farm to early care and education (farm to ECE) can be a component of building back better. States will soon be making decisions about how this funding will be used and now is the time to provide information to and build relationships with decision makers to convey the needs and desires of your community, influence equitable use of funds, and elevate opportunities for farm to ECE. This infographic and accompanying webinar offer immediate opportunities to encourage state decision makers to think creatively across sectors and use funds to build more equitable and resilient food and ECE systems.

Infographic: Emerging Federal Opportunities for Farm to Early Care and Education

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