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Virginia Department of Health

March 19, 2021

The Virginia Department of Health, Division of Community Nutrition, celebrated CACFP Week with an urban gardening effort organized by Bee Thorp, Brandon Archer and Troyana Cheatham in Richmond, Virginia. Though this was a unique experience for the children involved because of its location in the city and the use of raised garden beds, the Division of Community Nutrition is a year-round supporter of the Farm To- movement.
"We really emphasize it during Virginia CACFP Week," explained Conchetta Yonaitis, the Special Nutrition Programs Manager. "Bee spearheads the movement for the entire commonwealth. She's amazing. She understands the cycle - local farmers, local foods, local revenue, and how it's cyclical."
Conchetta says that the Farm To- movement is not ony important for teaching healthy eating habits, but also for collaboration, partnerships and building meaningful relationships. "Just to watch these kids who predominantly come from an urban area and they got to meet a real farmer and glean produce is amazing. And they're more likely to consume something that they've grown. It's pretty wonderful."
Of particular note, but not necessarily a CACFP Week activity, is the Stafford County Head Start tower garden. To learn more about the project, watch the video below.


Virginia CACFP Week

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