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Team Nutrition Resource Catalog

February 20, 2021

Resource Catalog 4x3

This resource catalog indexes Team Nutrition and MyPlate resources across a spectrum of needs and applications. From teacher kits to technical assistance, school posters to stickers, picture books to parent newsletters, this USDA resource guide organizes a wide range of materials and specifies where to find them and how to use them.

Materials for Schools

Team Nutrition materials help schools integrate nutrition education into classroom learning and also include materials for home, cafeteria, and community connections. In addition to being standards-based, materials are child, teacher, and parent-tested through extensive research including focus group testing, in-depth interviews, and field testing. Materials are based on the Social Cognitive Theory, as this theory addresses personal, behavioral, and environmental factors that influence behavior.

Materials for Child Care

These nutrition education materials focus on early childhood and take into consideration children’s developmental and cognitive abilities during early childhood. Activities are designed to involve children’s bodies and minds through physical movement, music, arts and crafts, gardening, and hands-on activities featuring foods from the five MyPlate food groups. All of our child care materials are reviewed by experts in early childhood development and education.


Nutrition Education Materials for Summer Programs

New nutrition education resources are now available for the Summer Food Service Program and schools participating in the Seamless Summer Option of the National School Lunch Program. These resources are designed to encourage healthy food choices and physical activity during the summer months and to promote greater participation in summer meal programs.


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