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Lindsey Brown, Browns Family Childcare

February 17, 2021

I love being in the CACFP. It has benefited my childcare for many reasons. I used to feed poptarts to my kids for breakfast. Once I started the food program and the sugar content of all of the foods I served went way down, I noticed a huge difference in the children. They were calmer, nicer, fell asleep more easily at naptime and less children were getting sick. Now I serve healthy meals and snacks and rarely do we have special treats. Children deserve a good start and I am proud to help give that to them at my childcare facility. I am lucky to live on a property where we utilize the space for fruit and vegetable gardens and the children get to experience growing health foods first hand. We now lease out the fields to a produce stand and they grow all of the fruits and vegetables and in return, we get free produce. This helps significantly with the costs associated with meeting the requirements of the CACFP as well as provides the freshest produce we can get to the mouths of young children. 😊
Lindsey Brown
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