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Member Resources: Chopstick Trainer and Chinese New Year

CACFP Member Resource

Chinese New Year

These members-only resources can help you implement culturally relevant activities into your CACFP programming.

The chopstick trainer resource will show you how to create and use chopstick trainers for your CACFP participants. This activity is perfect for preparing participants for a meal that is traditionally served and eaten with chopsticks, celebrating a culturally specific holiday and developing fine motor skills. Try it with the stir fry pork with brown rice recipe from our Around the World Sample Cycle Menu.

The Chinese New Year activity pages are a perfect resource for educating young minds about an important cultural holiday. It includes:

sample image of Chinese new year activity pages

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  • A brief summary of the holiday
  • A song
  • A game
  • A craft
  • A snack idea
  • A coloring page
  • And more!

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sample visual of chopstick trainer

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