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CACFP Resource: Go, Slow, Whoa--Learning Food Frequency

Free CACFP Resource

This free CACFP resource features a brightly colored infographic on food frequency as well as a coloring page activity for children to demonstrate what they’ve learned.

What are Go, Slow and Whoa foods?

This fun catch-phrase is a simple way to teach kids how often they should eat different types of food. Learning the difference between foods they can have every day and foods that should be special treats can help grow healthy kids and help children establish lifelong healthy habits.

Go Foods

GO foods can be eaten almost anytime and include fruits and vegetables. These are foods that should be featured at every meal, and some examples include fresh, frozen or canned vegetables without any added fats or sauces, fresh frozen or canned fruits, whole grains, lean meats, low fat yogurt or cheese, and egg whites.

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Slow Foods

SLOW foods can be eaten sometimes. Slow foods may be higher in fat, sugar, sodium, and calories. They can be included one to two times per day in a healthy diet. These foods include vegetables with added fats and sauces, juice, fruit in light syrup, baked fries, baked chicken nuggets, dried fruits, and processed cheese.

Whoa foods

WHOA foods should only be eaten occasionally. Whoa foods are those that are highest in unhealthy fat and added sugars. They should only be included one to two times per week. These include pre-fried foods, like fish sticks. Fruit canned in heavy syrup, waffles and pancakes with syrup, processed meats like hot dogs, and muffins.

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