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CACFP Fruit and Veggie Flash Cards

Free CACFP Resource

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A is for Artichoke.

Use these colorful flashcards to introduce young minds to novel fruits and vegetables, and teach them something new about the ones they're already familiar with. Each alphabet card has a bright image of a fruit or vegetable on the front. On the back of the cards you'll find resources and information, some of which may even be new to providers and adults!

Cards include:

  • Bright images of fruits and vegetables
  • Creditable recipes
  • Fun facts
  • Growing information
  • Arts and crafts
  • Book recommendations

How to get your set of ABC Fruit and Vegetable Cards

Ready to use this fabulous resource in your home or center? Simply follow the steps below to begin. Be sure to share the results with us on Facebook or Instagram. We can't wait to see your work!

  1. Download the ABC fruit and vegetable cards here.
  2. Print the PDF front and back in full color on heavy cardstock
  3. If possible, laminate or handle with care!
  4. Cut along the dotted lines.
  5. Enjoy this colorful, child friendly free CACFP fruit and vegetable resource!