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Sandra Jaeger

Home Child Care Provider

November 8, 2018

Sandra Jaeger saw a lifetime opportunity when she attended North Dakota State University and found they had a well-established and recognized Early Childhood Development program. Sandra had originally thought she would become an elementary teacher, but with this degree she realized a way to work with the younger children that she so enjoyed. Through her university program, Sandra established her teaching philosophy.

"It is important to educate even the youngest children, not just have a play facility.”

Sandra Jaeger

At Sandra’s home child care, she wants kids to have a home away from home with all of the learning opportunities a larger facility might have. Her goal is to keep children active with hands-on learning experiences. The curriculum focuses on a letter or learning theme each week and the learning takes place through music, art, cooking, and as much outdoor involvement as possible. Sandra stays current on needed kindergarten skills to ensure the children are ready to move on from her care.

Nutrition is emphasized through practical experiences. At Sandra’s home, the children plant and tend a garden. Each week they help with menu planning, take part in a cooking activity and help make their snacks almost every day. Recipes are requested from home and if Sandra can make them creditable, she makes them for all the kids to try.

Throughout the day, Sandra is creating a home-like atmosphere, balancing learning, independence and fun. She wants children to be confident in their readiness skills and be able to meet new challenges. The joy Sandra finds in seeing them accomplish even the simplest tasks and gaining
confidence to carry them to the next level helps her to love her work even more every day.

From Fargo, North Dakota, Sandra has been a CACFP participant through SENDCAA since 1998.