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Betty Anne White

Home Child Care Provider

March 21, 2018

Tenacity, dedication and determination are only a few of the many skills that Betty Anne White relied on when opening her home child care 16 years ago. With a background in accounting, she was nervous, but knew she wanted to take on the responsibility to provide excellent child care for her three sons and others in the area. Through encouragement, Betty Anne has created a successful business and enjoys teaching in a family atmosphere with real-world situations that include daily trips and simple activities.


"Mealtimes are often seen as a time to get through. I treat them as a portion of the day to learn."

At Betty Anne's home, mealtime takes as much planning as a craft or activity. Meals are prepared in front of the children and often they are asked to help when age-appropriate. Betty Anne asks the children to focus and really try something they might not care for. Hopefully, they eat the new dish or at least taste a bite without too much protest. Starting with the preparation and throughout the meal, Betty Anne is teaching the children about nutrition and engaging in conversation. Everyone waits until all are finished before beginning the next activity together.

Being aware of others is a theme carried throughout the day. On daily trips, the children move together as they choose as long as it is safe. They stop at each corner and wait for the group to be ready before they move to the next section. As Betty Anne says, children have to be aware of others, looking at the entire picture, not just themselves. They are taught this through consistency, repetition and care. Betty Anne is amazed at the things young children can do when we simply slow down and give them the opportunity.

Betty Anne focuses on the entire picture by engaging with children's family members. She started a single parents group and now also offers couples relationship classes and parenting strategy classes. Betty Anne is finishing her degree in Community Engagement with Day Care Studies as a minor, and she hopes to focus more on helping other child care providers as a teacher and mentor. Through it all, Betty Anne knows that becoming a home child care provider has allowed her to make a positive impact on both children and their families alike.

From Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Betty Anne has been a CACFP participant through WECA since 2002.