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Idarme María Martín Santos

Home Child Care Provider

September 25, 2017

Since September 2011, Idarme María Martín Santos has taken care of children from age 2 months to 13 years at her family child care home and after school program, Campanitas De Cristal in Tampa, Florida. Idarme is extremely passionate about her meaningful work as a provider.

"The children depend on me for their protection. I am dedicated to support their health and I have so much love for them.”

Idarme Santos

Idarme takes pride in maintaining a high-level of care and believes that several components are essential for a quality child care home.

Idarme knows that meals should be balanced and nutritious. Preparing and providing the children’s breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinners in her home, Idarme is committed to proper nutrition. She involves both the children and the parents in the process by asking for suggestions and keeps those suggestions in mind when preparing her menus.

In addition to serving nutritious meals, Idarme believes it is imperative to provide a safe, clean environment with a variety of quality activities and constant adult observation. Idarme prepares classroom activities featuring a creative and innovative curriculum for a spectrum of themes in which the children can really thrive and learn. Each classroom has identified areas filled with an abundance of educational toys for all children and ensures that all activities in the home are interesting and supportive of each child’s growth and development. She is very proud of her outside space, the patio, which the children consider a
fun-filled park.

For Idarme, the most important thing is that children feel safe and welcome in her home. She loves working with all children in her care and finds joy in watching them grow.

From Tampa, Florida, Idarme has been a CACFP participant through Family Resources since 2011.