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Michael & Faith Alexander

Home Child Care Providers

April 4, 2017

While going to work in the medical field, Faith Alexander dropped her children off at a home child care. Almost every day, she would play with all the children and soon came to realize she was in the wrong profession. Twenty-eight years ago, she created her own home child care center. Today, she and her husband, Michael, work together to create a family atmosphere and "one big happy family."

"We bring everyone into this home out of love. We not only nurture the children, but also try to nurture the parents and the fmily. If we do that, we help to create a well-rounded child."


Faith and Michael create this atmosphere through open communication and welcoming parents into any and all activities. The intent is to create a partnership where everyone works together with children as the focus. A calendar is given at a parent orientation meeting that contains the majority of activities and a timeline for lessons. Faith makes sure to keep everyone up-to-date with reminders and enjoys sending out photos of the children throughout the day.

Grandma and Poppy, as they are known to the kids, encourage everything to be a learning experience. Nature walks to the park, trips to the zoo and story time all include counting, phonics and shapes that the kids are constantly working on. They even try to incorporate each of the children's interests into what they do, share those with the parents, and then are excited about seeing where it takes them.

Faith and Michael know they have succeeded in creating a loving atmosphere when the children they have cared for return to visit. As professionals and adults, they are excited to share accomplishments, successes, and even their own children. Providing a family environment for children truly gives Faith and Michael a purpose for each day and a feeling that their lives are blessed because of the opportunity.

From Baltimore, Maryland, Michael and Faith have been CACFP participants through Family League of Baltimore since 2007.