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Linda Fisher

Home Child Care Provider

December 16, 2016

Imagine being able to help harvest the apples from the orchard, pick seeds and forage berries before the bears get them. As a home provider in rural Vermont, Linda Fisher is able to give the children in her care those actual opportunities. Since opening her doors in 1992, Linda has taken pride in being a "guardian of childhood" and allowing the children in her care to experience everything they can from nature. 

It is important for Linda to allow the children a safe place to explore and learn through play.


She maintains a flexible schedule that allows them to determine their interests. The learning opportunities are developed from those interests and their ranging readiness levels, while also incorporating standard pre-K learning objectives.

Keeping conversation open is a key ingredient to learning. During family-style meals, discussions around the table are about a wide degree of topics and all learn from each other.

"Learning is natural. It allows children to feel accomplished and be full of pride when it comes from their own desires."

As they watch each other taste new foods, the children are more inclined to do the same. They help with meal times and in food preparation as they are developmentally ready. Even nutrition education can come organically. Like in Linda's home, it does not have to be a formal process.

From Worcester, Vermont, Linda has been a CACFP participant through Capstone Community Action since 1999.