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Kelly Rood

Home Child Care Provider

December 15, 2016

Nutrition is not always easy to teach, but with an amazing garden, children learn and share new nutritional experiences every day. Kelly Rood has made her garden a key in the learning environment and truly loves "what a garden does." Even in a simple, short conversation, one can hear her passion for nutrition and gardening, which she passes along to those in her care.

Kelly feels that her child care center wouldn't be the same without the understandings the garden provides. It not only offers various learning opportunities, but a calm, soothing, natural setting to play and picnic in.

Kelly Rood

Teamwork and pride are grown as the children map out both winter and summer gardens, as well as water all the plants weekly. Each child has a sense of responsibility, as they choose a plant from the beginning of planting to tend and eventually harvest.

After the produce is gathered, kids have the freedom to taste whatever they think they might enjoy. Kelly understands that they might not like everything, but loves seeing them try something new.

"I just want to see the children grow up to be healthy and strong."

Also taking root are the values of sharing and contributing to the neighborhood around them. Families and neighbors take home extra fruits and vegetables to cook at home. Parents are excited to see their children tasting so many raw fruits and vegetables while also learning through garden activities.

From Arlington, Texas, Kelly has been a CACFP participant through SW Human Development since 2006.