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April 22-26, 2024

Orlando, Florida

CACFP · Afterschool Meals · Summer Food

Shop Talks

These are small group conversations to share stories, learn from each other and connect with professionals who are facing the same challenges and opportunities that you encounter. Shop talks are included in your conference registration.

Apoyando a los operadores con los recursos de Team Nutrition

Únase a esta sesión en español para conocer a Team Nutrition y sus recursos que apoyan a los programas de nutrición infantil ofreciendo capacitación, asistencia técnica y educación nutricional.  ~ CEU Specialty 1

Moderated by: USDA Food and Nutrition Service


Benefits of the Commodity Program in Head Start 

Let's talk food commodities! If you're not using this in your Head Start already learn why you should. If you are, share your stories with us. ~ CEU Specialty 5

Moderated by: Rhonda Kobylecky, CMP, CCNP, Acelero Learning 


CACFP RD Meetup 

Registered Dietitians who work in the CACFP are unique and may often work alone or in a silo at their organization. Let's meet up!  ~ CEU Specialty 1

Moderated by: Isabel Ramos-Lebron, MS, RDN, LD, National CACFP Sponsors Association


Capturing Cultural Flavors

When planning an international dish, it’s all about the flavors used to capture the essence of the culture. Are you an international menu planning pro or just getting started? Share your favorite way to incorporate these flavors into your menu. ~ CEU Specialty 1

Moderated by: Deborah Gillison-Wilson, CMP, CCNP; Georgia Nutritional Services, Inc.


Consejos sobre organización de documentación de CACFP para Proveedores de Cuidado de Niños en Casa

Puede resultar abrumador cuidar a los niños y mantener el papeleo requerido a diario. Vamos a intercambiar nuestros mejores consejos sobre cómo organizar la documentación requerida para CACFP. ~ CEU Specialty 2

Moderated by: Gabriela Rangel, MS, CMP, CCNP, CACFP Director, Child & Family Resources, Inc.


Designing and Delivering Food Safety Resources 

Surveyed providers identified needs for food safety resources and shared how to deliver them. Discuss the results and swap ideas for how to accommodate their preferences.  ~ CEU Specialty 1

Moderated by: Liz Dixon, MS, Institute of Child Nutrition 


Emergency Shelters: CACFP Safety Net

Exchange your best practices and strategies for ensuring equitable access to nutritious foods in Emergency Shelters. ~ CEU Specialty 2

Moderated by: Crishna Hill, MPH; USDA Food and Nutrition Service


Florida's Farm to ECE Building Strategies

Engage with state agency and large organization staff to identify local partners and exchange resources, ideas, and experiences to build a successful Farm to ECE initiative. ~ CEU Specialty 1

Moderated by:

Ellen MacMichael, LDN, CLC; Florida Department of Health

Krista Schoen, MS, RD, LDN; Florida Department of Health


Food Banks in the CACFP

Are you currently working in CACFP at a food bank? Let’s share how menu planning can look different. ~ CEU Specialty 2

Moderated by: Sarah McAleavy, CMP, CCNP, Frederick Community Action Agency


Menu Adventures: Engaging Staff and Parents 

Is it a challenge to get your children to try new items on the menu? Swap ideas and suggestions for how to engage staff and parents to encourage children to try new menu items.  ~ CEU Specialty 1

Moderated by: Jennifer Lemons, Abundant Hearts Daycare 


Mobile Sites: Reaching More Children Next Summer 

Do you have pockets of areas in your community lacking food access? Connect with SFSP sponsors for how to operate mobile meals and expand your summer meals operation.  ~ CEU Specialty 8

Moderated by: Mary Ann Liby, Idaho Department of Education, Child Nutrition Programs 


Native Nutrition: Understanding Access & Overcoming Obstacles 

Curious about traditional Native foods? Want to have a better understanding of food access on Indian reservations? Discuss the history of food obstacles for Native communities and share tips to overcome them.  ~ CEU Specialty 1

Moderated by: Amy Warne, MBA, RD, LD, Partnership for a Healthier America 


Navigating Challenging Situations at Home Visits

CACFP home monitors can encounter many challenges during home visits. Going into providers’ homes can present unique situations that are unrelated to the program. Let’s discuss the best ways to professionally navigate these unique situations. ~ CEU Specialty 2

Moderated by: Beth Carlton, CMP, CCNP, Executive Director, Child Care Links Association


Next Steps: Applying Your #NCNC24 Wisdom

You've immersed yourself in the wealth of knowledge at the conference, but what's the next step? Let's exchange ideas to turn our conference insights into actionable steps for success! ~ CEU Specialty 6, Beginner

Moderated by: Jocelyn Moss, MA, CMP, CCNP, YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh


Parks and Police in the SFSP

Are there parks you would like to serve summer meals at but are unable to due to safety concerns? Let’s talk about how we can work with law enforcement and other agencies to help solve this problem. ~ CEU Specialty 8

Moderated by: Sarah McAleavy, CMP, CCNP; Frederick Community Action Agency


Peanut Allergies: From Prevention to Protection

Are you aware of the latest guidelines for early infant feeding that can prevent peanut allergies? Exchange your top tips for peanut allergy prevention and protection. ~ CEU Specialty 1, Beginner

Moderated by: Markita Lewis, MS, RD; National Peanut Board


Respecting Family Day Care Home Providers 

You've been monitoring family day care home providers for years, but do you know all of their roles and responsibilities? Engage in an open discussion to understand how they impact your relationship with them as a monitor.  ~ CEU Specialty 4

Moderated by: Alethea Etinoff, CCNP, The Business Of Early Childhood Education 


Serving Celiac Gluten-free Special Diets 

Calling all 504 coordinators, directors, cooks and teachers! Exchange best practices for handling strict diet requirements, recognizing ingredient red flags, and tips for cross-contact prevention.  ~ CEU Specialty 1

Moderated by: Lisa Means, CMP, CCNP, The Villages of Indiana, Inc. 


Succession and Transition Planning

At some point in a career the time will come to leave. Whether it's time to retire, or move on. Exchange ideas to assure a smooth exit and the least amount of disruption to the organization. ~ CEU Specialty 6

Moderated by: Susan Ison, CMP, Executive Director, Helping Hands, Inc.