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April 22-26, 2024

Orlando, Florida

CACFP · Afterschool Meals · Summer Food

Preconference Academy

These sessions are three-hour deep dives in a classroom setting. Pre-registration is required.

Onsite Registration

Mar. 29 - April 25, 2024
  • $149
Monday, April 22 | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm Eastern


Menu Planning for the CACFP 
Develop meal planning techniques that can be used to serve healthy and appealing meals and snacks that meet CACFP and preschool meal pattern requirements. Learn how to accommodate food allergies, incorporate multi-cultural recipes and locally-sourced foods, develop strategies for creating custom menus, and go home with menus you can use immediately or as inspiration.  ~ CEU Specialty 2

  1. Learn how to accommodate food allergies, incorporate multicultural recipes and local foods.  
  2. Develop strategies for creating custom menus.  
  3. Take home sample menus to use or for inspiration.  

Presented by:   
Heather Burkhead-Goins, MEd, Institute of Child Nutrition
Patrick Butler, MS, Institute of Child Nutrition
Liz Dixon, MS, Institute of Child Nutrition



Summer Food: Planning, Participation, Policy & Partnering for Success 
The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is an important tool for addressing the nutrition gap low-income children face when the school year ends. Success depends on collaboration, proactive planning and partnerships. Whether you are a CACFP sponsor operating SFSP for the first time or a year-round sponsor looking to expand your current operations, come learn what you need to know and leave with a concrete plan to reach more children with nutritious meals during the summer months.  ~ CEU Specialty 8

  1. Gain an understanding of the SFSP and needs that exist.  
  2. Learn strategies for successful implementation and operation.  
  3. Get best practices and tools for summer success.  

Presented by:   
Isabel Ramos-Lebron, MS, RDN, LD, National CACFP Sponsors Association
Crystal FitzSimons, MSW, Food and Research Action Center

Sarah McAleavy, CMP, CCNP, Frederick Community Action Agency
Sean Walsh, USDA Food and Nutrition Service  


Head Start Success: Meeting the Performance Standards 

Operating the CACFP in Head Start is a requirement, but do you know the differences between what’s a CACFP regulation and what is mandated by Head Start? Learn what the Head Start performance standards that govern child nutrition are and how they align with the CACFP to provide good nutrition to children. Gain an understanding of the requirements and hear about the latest updates in Head Start performance standards for child nutrition.    ~ CEU Specialty 2

  1. Understand the Head Start Food Service Regulations and why the intersection between Head Start and CACFP is critical.  
  2. Explore the specific guidelines outlined for providing meals and snacks.   
  3. Learn how others are meeting the criteria in their programs on a daily basis.  

Presented by:
Rhonda Kobylecky, CMP, CCNP, Acelero Learning
Sheila Tompkins-Hess, Division of Child & Family Services
Joe Golden, CCNP, Acelero Learning
Stephanie Manchester, CCNP, CMP, Acelero Learning
Jami Rokala, MS, RDN, LD, CLC, CMP, CCNP, Headwaters Nutrition Counseling, LLC

Tuesday, April 23 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Eastern


CACFP 101: Homes and Centers
New to the Child and Adult Care Food Program? Explore the ins and outs of the CACFP from experienced sponsor operators and USDA’s Nutrition Promotion and Technical Assistance staff. This 10-course training will cover program administration, program operations, nutrition, financial management, nonprofit management and civil rights as required to operate a CACFP sponsoring organization.   ~ CEU Specialty 4

  1. Learn the basics and requirements of the CACFP.  
  2. Discover who is eligible for reimbursable meals.  
  3. Get resources and best practices about program administration and operations.  

Presented by:   
Blake Stanford, CMP, Southwest Human Development
Vicki Lipscomb, CMP, Child Nutrition Program
Kate Abernathy, MS, RDN, CMP, CCNP, Providers Choice
Katina Kefalas, MS, USDA Food and Nutrition Service 


Show Me the Money: Getting Through the Budget Approvals Process 
Join us for a 101-level overview of the generally accepted source documentation to support allowable costs for CACFP operations. Training will include group activities, discussion on proposed program costs that are often questioned, and tools to assist with avoiding common budget submission mistakes..  ~ CEU Specialty 5

  1. Learn best practices for determining if proposed program costs are necessary, reasonable, and allowable.  
  2. Discover the impact the management plan has on the budget.  
  3. Get tools and resources to assist with the budget approvals process.  

Presented by:   
Cherese Myree, CFE, MH Miles Company, CPA, PC


CACFP Meal Pattern Training 
Are you just starting out with the CACFP? Start your week off with a deep dive into the core fundamentals of the food program. Learn about the meal patterns and the five food components served in the CACFP, as well as tips and strategies for implementation in your operations.  ~ CEU Specialty 2

  1. Review the CACFP meal pattern requirements.   
  2. Learn about updates and revisions to the meal pattern.   
  3. Get resources to implement the updated meal pattern.  

Bonus! Registered attendees are invited to stay until 1:00 PM for Optional Best Practices training!

Presented by:   Cynthia Ruffin, MBA; The Institute of Child Nutrition