Job Descriptions

Example job descriptions for positions in the CACFP community.

Executive Director
Oversee the operation of the two agency offices. The executive director has the fiduciary responsibility of ensuring the budget is maintained and ensuring program compliance with federal regulations.

Compliance Manager
Oversees claim processing, manages database systems to ensure that all compliance areas are met. Works with monitoring supervisor to ensure requirements are met within regulatory time frames. Processes new agreements and communicates with state office if necessary. Determines eligibility of homes for tiering purposes.

Eligibility Manager
Oversees the enrollment and income eligibility process. Distributes work to administrative assistants to ensure enrollment data and eligibility data is complete for purposes of payment and center monthly eligibility for participation. Reviews enrollments and income forms for new sites prior to signup to verify eligibility for the for profit center.

Monitoring Supervisor
Oversees the menu review and monitoring process, including corrective actions and serious deficiency. Distributes review list and maintains review database. Coordinates training sessions for monitoring staff and works with trainer to ensure all providers are trained. 

Monitors caseloads of homes and centers. Check menu paperwork and completes home and center reviews. Trains providers in their territory at initial sign-up. Follow up reviews as needed. Household contacts when necessary 

Job Description for CNP Inc. Consultant (USDA term: Sponsor Monitor)

The Child Nutrition Program, Inc. monitoring consultant provides the link between the child care provider and the organization. Your duties are varied and require extensive program knowledge and considerable judgment. Decisions are made that affect a child care provider’s ability to participate, how much reimbursement is received and CNP Inc.’s compliance with program regulations and requirements.

Major Activities of Monitoring Consultants:

Training and Technical Assistance


  • Provides on-site initial training
    • CACFP policies and procedures
    • Nutritional requirements
  • Ongoing evaluation of provider training needs
  • Implements training and documents the training as necessary
  • Ongoing technical assistance
  • Adapts training to individual needs of providers
    • based on education levels and learning styles
  • Ensures providers have knowledge of program requirements in order to be successful
  • Documentation of all training and technical assistance in CACFP file/MM

Necessary skills and knowledge:

  • Knowledge of program requirements
    • Federal Regulations
    • State Agency Policy
    • CNP Inc. Policy and Procedures
  • Knowledge of basic nutrition for children and meal patterns
  • Ability to analyze and determine necessary corrective action if needed
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing, individually and in group settings
  • Ability to track training needs and outcomes of training

Monitoring Compliance with CACFP Rules and Regulations


  • Prepares for the on-site visit by checking records of claiming patterns and problems identified at previous visits
  • Follows sponsoring organizations review schedule and ensures all reviews are done in compliance with State and Federal time frames
  • Reviews performance of providers at on site reviews and
  • By monitoring monthly menu review
  • Completes all aspects of the on-site review in accordance with Federal guidelines and State and CNP Policy and documents accordingly
    •  Meal types and times
    •  Meal components
    •  Meal counts
    •  Menu review and paperwork documentation
    • 5 day reconciliation
    • Enrollment verification
    • Tiering review/ or free and reduced priced apps
    • CACFP expenses (centers only)
  • Ensures foods are prepared and served following food safety guidelines and quality standards
  • Provides menu suggestions to encourage variety in foods and preparation methods that are consistent with healthy practices
  • Provide resource materials for menus, recipes, and meal planning
  • Reviews and documents the content of the entire review. Corrective action if identified is documented and follow up action is planned
  • Menu concerns are documented in CACFP file/MM, and in consultant notebook for follow-up

Necessary skills and knowledge:

  • Knows observation techniques that identify potential problems associated with the food and nutrition programs as well as other conditions that pose a potential threat to child safety
  • Knows procedures for conducting cross checks for verification of attendance and meal counts
  • Knows the importance of documenting results of onsite reviews especially when problems are identified
  • Knows appropriate reporting procedures when signs of abuse or neglect are observed or suspected.
  • Knows CACFP meal component requirements and menu modification for special needs
  •  Understands basic food safety requirements
  •  Understands infant meal pattern and the introduction of solid foods

Miscellaneous administrative duties:

  •  Ensuring records are maintained properly
  •  Running necessary reports from Minute Menu
  •  Checking messages and returning phone calls and emails
  •  General caseload management
  •  Working with supervisor to seek clarification when needed      

Each Child Nutrition Program, Inc. consultant has a caseload of about 100-120 child care sites that they oversee.  Most consultants travel about 500 to 750 miles per month in a two to three county area.  We pay .55 cents per mile and require the consultant to provide their own transportation, have a valid NC driver’s license and insurance.

Administrative Assistant
Maintains all forms on computer and makes changes as necessary. Ensures that supplies and review packets are prepared and handbooks are complete and ready for monitors. Orders supplies and printing with Director's approval.

Administrative Assistant - Centers
Maintains database of center attendance, processes eligibility applications. Assist with menu review by counting attendance, processing center expenses, counting title XX and making parent contacts. General filing and office work. 

Answers phone, logs in menus upon receipt. Assist with menu review by counting attendance, processing center expenses, counting title XX and making parent contacts. Processes incoming and outgoing mail and faxes. Orders supplies and printing with Director's approval.

Clerical support for data entry, filing, copying, general office duties. Assist with menu review by counting attendance, processing center expenses, or counting title XX.

Nutrition, Regulation, and Civil Rights Training & Development
Trainer is responsible for keeping staff informed of nutrition information and answering questions from providers if necessary. Plans and conducts training for providers concerning regulations, civil rights, nutrition education and any necessary training due to compliance concerns with providers. Assist with staff training and development.