Tools for Sponsoring Organizations

Job Descriptions

We are a unique community requiring uniquely talented individuals to be a part of the food program. What's not so unique is the requirement to detail the job descriptions of your sponsorship staff. Here we will post job descriptions you can use as is in your own agency or tweak to fit the bill.

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Salary & Compensation

Excluding meal costs, program labor costs are the highest portion of any CACFP sponsor's budget. Labor resources need to be spent right to provide enough compensation to attract, retain, and motivate staff and acheive the organizational mission. 

Employee Handbook

Learn what key elements to include in your employee handbook and why they are important to ensure that you are meeting FNS instructions.

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Managing Employee Performance

Hiring criteria, effective interviewing techniques, establishing measureable performance management criteria, and how to conduct performance counseling are all imporant need-to-know areas of management.

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Leadership in Changing Times

Develop a culture within your organziation in which "Change" is embraced positively in anticipation of new opportunities and better collective outcomes.

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Managing Generational Diversity

Each generation views the work place differently and so different leadership techniques are also required to work effectively with all generations. 

View Generational Diversity Key Characteristics

Annual National CACFP Conference

The annual National CACFP Sponsors Association Conference is hands-down the best training for anyone on your staff! Learn more.

Save the Dates:

San Antonio April 19-21, 2018
Chicago April 23-25, 2019

State Training

Check your state website for training resources that may be readily available and specific to your state.

Oregon Department of Education, for example, has online training videos for all required training and a number of optional training subjects. Watch here:

Session 1-CACFP Administrative Requirements for Sponsors 
Session 1A-Administrative Reviews, Serious Deficiency Process and CACFP Performance Standards 
Session 2-USDA Civil Rights Requirements 
Session 3-CACFP Meal Requirements 
Session 4-CACFP Menu Record Requirements 


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