We've got lots of great #cacfpcreditable recipes for you! Check back often as we begin to share them on this page. Remember to check with your sponsor or state agency in case there may be additional restrictions to your menu planning beyond the federal regulations.

Sweet-Potato-Hash-Thumbnails.jpg Asian-Chicken-Wraps-Thumbnail.jpg      Cookbook-Big-Bird.jpg cookbook-elmo.jpg
Cookbook-Samurai-Banana-Sushi-Roll.jpg Cookbook-Strawberry-Yogurt-Parfait.jpg    zoe.jpg Cookbook-Abby-Cadabby.jpg
Cookbook-Peach-pineapple-orange-smoothie.jpg Cookbook-Cucumber-Salad.jpg    Baby-bear.jpg  
Jollof_Rice_Thumbnails-01.png Cookbook-Rainbow-Veggies.jpg   Herry-Sesame-Street-Thumbnail.jpg   


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