Let's talk whole grain-rich!

We've put together a list of #cacfpcreditable food products, a list of WGR cereals which meet the sugar guidelines, and a guide to Identifying Whole Grain-Rich food products. 

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We know there are a lot of CACFP Creditable choices for providers, centers, and afterschool programs. We are working on developing an easy to use database for your use.In the meantime, here are a few #cacfpcreditable food products that meet your Whole Grain-Rich requirements. Share your favorite #cacfpcreditable brand item!

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Whole Grain-Rich Food Products




Cheerios_200.jpeg Chex_Rice_200.jpeg  Cream_of_Wheat.png Quaker_Oatmeal.jpg Post_Shredded_Wheat_Cereal.png CACFP_Whole_Grain-Rich_Cereals.png
 Whole_Grain_Rich_1.png Whole_Grain_Rich_1.png Whole_Grain_Rich_3.png Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png  Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png  PRINT LIST



Mission_Whole_Wheat_Flour_Tortilla_Small.jpg Oroweat_Whole_Wheat_Hamburger_Buns.jpg  Thomas_Whole_Wheat_English_Muffins.jpg Mama_Marys_Whole_Wheat_Pizza_Crust.jpeg Natures_Own_100_Whole_Wheat_Bread.jpeg Boboli-WG-Pizza-Crust.jpg
Whole_Grain_Rich_1.png Whole_Grain_Rich_1.png Whole_Grain_Rich_1.png  Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png Whole_Grain_Rich_1.png

Crackers & Snacks


Triscuits.jpeg Peppridge_Farms_Whole_Grain_Goldfish.jpeg  Sun_Chips.jpg Annies_Whole_Wheat_Bunnies.jpg 7de40160-e115-4fe1-8fcb-0ddc85cfbd35_1.aaeae939a675027a79e2bea0add78992.png  
Whole_Grain_Rich_3.png Whole_Grain_Rich_1.png Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png Whole_Grain_Rich_1.png Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png   


Rice & Pasta


Uncle_Bens_Whole_Grain_Medley_Brown__Wild_Ready_Rice.png Zatarains_Wild_Brown_Rice_old_image.png Minute_Brown_Rice.jpeg Barilla_Whole_Grain_Penne.jpeg Ronzoni_Whole_Grain_Spaghetti.jpeg Success_Quinoa.png
Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png  Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png  Whole_Grain_Rich_2.png

NOTE: These were accurate at the time of review in Fall 2017. Product formulations, packaging and promotions may change. For current information, refer to packaging on store shelves.

Determining Whole Grain-Rich

Whole_Grain_Rich_1.pngFood is labeled as whole wheat.

Whole_Grain_Rich_2.pngA whole grain is listed as the first ingredient (or the second after water) and the next two grain ingredients are creditable which include whole grains, enriched grains, bran, and germ. Otherwise known as the rule of three.

Whole_Grain_Rich_3.pngOne of the following FDA statements are included on the labeling:

“Diets rich in whole grain foods and other plant foods and low in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers.”

"Diets rich in whole grain foods and other plant foods, and low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may help reduce the risk of heart disease.”


Proper documentation demonstrates that whole grains are the primary grain ingredient by weight. * From a manufacturer or a standardized recipe.

Whole_Grain_Rich_1.pngIf a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal has a whole grain as the first ingredient (or second after water), and it is fortified, it meets the whole grain-rich criteria.

USDA FNS Guidance
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