Magazine for the Child and Adult Care Food Program Community

In 2017, we produced and distributed over 90,000 copies of our preview issue of the Child Nutrition Today Magazine. CACFP family home providers as well as center and afterschool staff loved our 16-page magazine and asked for more!

The NCA Board of Directors have committed to funding the printing to make these FREE for member agencies who preorder them and who are asked to pay for shipping/handling only.

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Child Nutrition Today Magazine

Featured in the 2018-2019 magazine are topics such as

  • The Word on Whole Grain
  • Grow Healthy Kids: Eat Your ABC's
  • Family Style Dining
  • Healthy Choices on a Budget
  • Community Helpers: Good People Everywhere
  • CN Labels Explained
  • CACFP Cycle Menu,Creditable Recipes, Snack Ideas


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Child_Nutrition_Today_Preview.jpg2017 Preview

Child Nutrition Today Magazine

The 2017 issue features topics including the New CACFP Meal Patterns, Grain-Based Desserts Policy Summary, Tips for Picky Eaters, Sesame Street in Communities, CACFP Creditable Recipes, Grow Healthy Kids-Just Add Water, 


100,000+ digital copies distributed.

100,000 print copies produced.

Limited print quantities still available.

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Sesame Street COMBO Meal Pattern Cards (Qty 500)
Sesame Street COMBO Meal Pattern Cards (Qty 100)
Sesame Street CACFP Meal Pattern Card (Qty 500)
Sesame Street Infant Meal Pattern Card (Qty 500)
Sesame Street Infant Meal Pattern Card (Qty 100)
Sesame Street CACFP Meal Pattern Card (Qty 100)

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