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2022 National Child Nutrition Conference

April 18-22 2022 | New Orleans, Louisiana

CACFP · Afterschool Meals · Summer Food

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Throughout the conference, join these small group, thirty-minute conversations to share stories, learn from each other and connect with professionals who are facing the same challenges and opportunities you encounter. They’re unscripted, dynamic and real, focusing on subjects we face every day.

Conference Management Tricks of the Trade
Many sponsors are putting on training events for their providers. Wonder how it’s done or looking for answers to the how-to of conference management? We’ll share trade secrets!

Moderated by: Hannah Morris, National CACFP Sponsors Association


Field Trip Meals for Children in CACFP

Let's chat about CACFP guidelines for field trip meals. We will brainstorm creative ways to prepare meals that children will eat while out and about.

Moderated by: Stacie Frieze, CCNP, MEd, Eastern Shawnee


Financial Backups for Fiscal Audits

Are your backup expense files organized and ready to go? Let's share methods that make audits and reviews successful.

Moderated by: Alix Pasillas, CMP, CCNP, Food for Kids, Inc.


Fundraising Brainstorm

Need new fundraising ideas? Have ideas to share? Join us for an exchange on great ways to bring in money to your program.

Moderated by: Alexia Thex, MED, National CACFP Sponsors Association


Leading Physical Activities with Adults
Physical activity is important to our wellbeing and health at all points of the lifespan. Share ideas and resources for physical activities that are appropriate to lead with older adults served through Senior Centers as well as adults with disabilities living in Group Homes.

Moderated by: Diane H. Craft, PhD, Active Play Books


Monitoring Administrative Caps for Sponsoring Organizations

Mississippi requires CACFP sponsoring organizations to submit an Actual Cost Quarterly Report (ACQR) each quarter. Sponsors may use the report to ensure adherence to the regulatory caps and the State Agency uses the report to provide technical assistance and oversight. Come learn more!

Moderated by: Susie Q. Evans-Gater, Mississippi Department of Education-Office of Child Nutrition


Nutrition Calendar Training Program

Swap stories about how to take advantage of all the elements that make up this highly acclaimed program: 5-Hour Training Module, Parent Newsletter Templates, Activity Pages, Motivation Posters, Calendar Nutrition Education.

Moderated by: Jennifer Basey, MEd, National CACFP Sponsors Association



Paperless: Afterschool, Summer and Family Childcare

COVID has pushed the paperless movement into hyperdrive. Come chat with others in ARAS about how you have become paperless in the past year. What successes are you having? What opportunities are you running into? If you haven't moved to paperless please come join us to learn who has done it and how you can too!

Moderated by: Melissa Moore, CCNP, Family League of Baltimore


Promoting Yourself

Looking for ways to climb the ladder in your organization without appearing to blow your own horn? We’ll talk about ways you can help make that happen.

Moderated by: Lisa Mack, National CACFP Sponsors Association


Virtual Engagement

Virtual fatigue, as we all now know is a real thing. How do you keep your attendees engaged in virtual trainings? Have you tried tools like an escape room? Scavenger Hunt? Mentimeter? Kohoot? Have you looked into Adult Learning Theory to be sure you are capturing the learning styles of the attendees? What else have you tried? Come talk shop with those that are doing it and those that are interested.

Moderated by: Melissa Moore, CCNP, Family League of Baltimore