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2022 National Child Nutrition Conference

April 18-22 2022 | New Orleans, Louisiana

CACFP · Afterschool Meals · Summer Food

Learning Institutes

The Learning Institutes are designed to help people with like experience in food programs learn more and connect with each other in a structured and moderated session. In the 100 level series, there will be mostly instruction, and in subsequent levels, there will be greater opportunity for sharing stories and solutions around particular topics with fellow attendees. Whether you are new, experienced or an expert in your role, learning opportunities are always limitless!

Don't know what CACFP or SFSP even mean? Are you brand new to child nutrition food programs? Do you run one program and are thinking about sponsoring another? Do you provide services or resources for food program operators and want an entry-level understanding of how they impact children across the country? Attend this lecture-style institute to learn the basics of how these food programs provide healthy food access for children in child care, afterschool, out-of-school time and during summer.

  • CACFP 100
  • SFSP 100

You're new-ish to food programs, working in it daily, and you've got the big picture. It's been one or two years since you've started working in CACFP or SFSP, so concepts aren't new or foreign to you, but you'd love to really explore the important areas with your peers. Attend this structured learning institute to review the meal patterns, discuss basic program administration and get a requirements refresher while also sharing in some table talk.

  • CACFP 101
  • SFSP 101
  • Afterschool 101

You've served for several years in your role now, so you're beyond the basics. But there's more to learn and you're eager to further your level of knowledge. This institute is for those attendees who don't need to talk about the basics of program operations, but are instead ready to consider implementing new ideas and learning how others are tackling a few specific program requirements beyond meal patterns.

  • CACFP 201
  • SFSP 201
  • Afterschool 201

After years of working in the food program, you feel confident and experienced, but are still open to new ideas that will help you improve your organization's administration and operations. If you are asking yourself, "How can I improve the services we offer?" or, "Where can we increase the efficiencies in our organization?" this session is for you. Topics will be shared by the moderator and attendees will work together using their collective knowledge and experience to create a-ha moments.

  • CACFP 301
  • SFSP 301
  • Afterschool 301

You're the CEO, president, director or leader and want to connect on food program issues beyond operations, such as staffing, marketing and recruitment. While the moderator will introduce conversation points, this session is all table talk! Together, discover innovative ways to strengthen and advocate for the program.

  • CACFP 401
  • SFSP 401

Succession planning is on your mind. You've been managing operations for over 20 years and are looking to find a way to share your institutional knowledge and create a pathway for success of the organization once you retire. Talk shop with colleagues in the same situation and learn about strategies that others are considering.

  • CACFP 501

Working for a State Agency in child nutrition programs, you face different workload requirements than sponsors and operators. Join fellow State Agency staff to share collective experiences and strategies.

  • State Agency