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Summer Produce to Explore

Have a Plant has published a useful article on produce to eat during the summer months. This resource emphasizes being on the lookout for signage that calls attention to locally-grown produce in your region.

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Summer Sips

As part of the Eating Well Initiative, Sesame Street recently released the storybook Summer Sips. This storybook includes creative tips, recipes, and facts about healthy drinks for children.

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National Summer Learning Week

National Summer Learning Association announced National Summer Learning Week from July 11th to July 15th. Celebrate the awesome power of summer learning all month long through five unique themes.

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Summer 2022 Waiver Update

The recently passed Keep Kids Fed Act (KKFA) extended USDA’s nationwide waiver authority. To date, USDA has released seven waivers related to summer 2022 operations

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Healthy Ways to Reward Kids

Our friends at Alliance for a Healthier Generation have created a useful resource on healthy ways to reward children. This resource states that using food as a reward or punishment not only encourages children to eat outside of meal and snack times or when they’re not hungry, but also may create a lifelong habit of rewarding or comforting themselves with food.

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Early Childhood Nature Connections Toolkit

Cities Connecting Children

Early Childhood Nature Connections Toolkit Cities Connecting Children to Nature Back to Partner Resources Back to Partner Resources How to Bring Nature’s Benefits to Young Children in Your City   Our friends at National League of Cities and Children have created an initiative with Nature Network known as “ Cities Connecting Children to Nature (CCCN)”.…

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Baking 101

Teen baking lesson with ball of dough

The Ingredient Superheroes Lesson Plan from Home Baking Association is the perfect STEM activity for teens in your at-risk afterschool or summer feeding program.

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