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April Snack Attack

Try out these nutritious #CACFPCreditable snacks when you plan your next grocery trip:

Whole Wheat pancakes and strawberries
Mandarin oranges and whole grain-rich crackers
Zucchini muffin and 100% grape juice
French toast and mango slices
Peaches and chicken salad

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Civil Rights 101: Compliance with Civil Rights Requirements

The session will address the Civil Rights training requirements as outlined in FNS Instruction 113-1 , Civil Rights Compliance and Enforcement – Nutrition Programs and Activities. State agency staff who interact with program applicants, participants and potentially eligible individuals and those persons who supervise front line staff must receive annual Civil Rights training. This session will fulfill this requirement.

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Accommodating Participants with Disabilities in Community Meals

Get requirement updates related to accommodating participants with disabilities participating in CACFP, as required by Federal law, USDA regulations and the Policy Memorandum, Modifications to Accommodate Disabilities in the Child and Adult Care Food Program and Summer Food Service Program to ensure equal access and opportunity.

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A Chef’s Impact on CACFP

Explore tips to modify your menus, discover ways to build a nurturing environment around the kitchen, and discuss the positive impact that can be made by your chef. CACFP continues to support, raise and improve the quality of our Head Start centers around the country, which would not be possible without those who stir the pot.

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St. Patrick’s Day Pasta

Back to Food Blog Back to Food Blog St. Patrick’s Day Pasta Maria Martinez Maria Martinez of Sarah Bee Bilingual Academy made green the theme of the day with her St. Patrick’s day plate. Her little ones enjoyed green farfalle pasta with marinara sauce and ham, green peas, and an assortment of green fruits. Delicious!…

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Little Folks Daycare

Here at Little Folks, we are doing weeklong activities where we use the CACFP resources and some creativity to teach the children about healthy habits for lifelong success.

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