2018 Friend of CACFP Award


Representative Jim McGovern,Massachusetts


The National CACFP Sponsors Association Friend of CACFP Award honors and recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to supporting and improving the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program through leadership, initiative, advocacy, legislation, education or professional endeavors that exemplify a positive impact or advancement of the program.

As co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus and Chairman of the Board of the nonprofit Congressional Hunger Center, Representative McGovern leads the movement to guarantee what he considers to be a fundamental human right: the right to food. As an advocate, Representative McGovern has pushed for changes to foreign aid and hunger relief programs, proposed establishing a "hunger czar position" to take on food issues and hopes to reframe the discussion by convening a conference on food, nutrition, and hunger. His vision is to gather key players from agencies and NGOs, chefs, nutritionists, teachers, and advocates, to put together a road map to fight hunger.

Representative McGovern understands the connection between poverty, hunger and health as the ranking Democrat on the Nutrition Subcommittee, “Hunger in the US is a political decision. There are many problems that I don’t know how to solve—this is a solvable problem.”