President, Child Nutrition Program, Inc.
Charlotte, NC

Vicki Lipscomb, CMP

Immediate Past President & Policy Chair

Vicki Lipscomb is the Founder and President of Child Nutrition Program, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina. She founded Child Nutrition Program in 1982, which now sponsors 200 homes serving 2500 children and 260 centers serving 12,000 children.

Vicki has led the Child Nutrition Program to steady annual growth and due to her background in Public Administration she has a deep understanding of how to run an effective federal program.

As the head of the Policy and Regulation committee, Vicki stays up to date on the latest regulations and changes to the food program in order to inform and interpret the policies to help the sponsors' function in this complicated regulatory environment. She works with the USDA as an advocate for the CACFP to ensure that providers can work more efficiently and effectively in their homes or centers.

Vicki also advocates for child care providers and sponsoring organizations as a member of the Paper Work Reduction Work Group. In addition, she annually volunteers to lead workshops at the NCA conference, especially in the area of sponsoring child care centers.

Vicki served on the Board of Directors from 2001-2005 and served as President of the NCA during some of that time. After a brief break from the Board of Directors she was re-elected in 2007 and has volunteered her time and expertise ever since. Vicki served as President again from 10-2015- 9-2017. 

Vicki enjoys working on the board because, "it is a talented group of experienced people working hard together because we all care deeply about the kids."