Chief Executive Officer, Mid Michigan Child Care Centers
Freeland, MI

Robin Paul, CMP, CCNP

Secretary, Calendar Chair

Robin Paul is the CEO of Mid-Michigan Child Care Centers and Michigan Child Care Centers where they sponsor the USDA CACFP for Family Day Care Homes, Unaffiliated and Affiliated Centers, At-Risk, Head Start and Emergency Shelters serving over 26,000 children.

Being the CEO of a large agency is very time consuming, but Robin volunteers her time to the National Child and Adult Care Food Program Sponsors Association (NCA) and has made a tremendous impact. She has served on the Board of Directors for 13 years and was previously Vice President, Scholarship Chair, CACFP Committee Week Chair, and Membership & Nominations Committee Chair.

After almost 40 years ensuring that children have access to healthy food, it’s an understatement to say that Robin understands the importance of the CACFP in the community. Robin enjoys being on the forefront of change and advocacy for the food program. “My goal is to reach out to other agencies for continued growth and collaboration. Keeping the sponsors abreast of the current legislation and providing resources needed to manage their sponsorship and remain viable is very important. As always, I want to accomplish the goals our association sets and provide the best knowledge and leadership I can.” By remaining an advocate for sponsors,

Robin is dedicated to serving children and assisting providers. She enjoys working with her great staff in Michigan and the tight knit CACFP community. Her greatest joy in childcare is “working with people in the homes and centers and being able to educate the providers to get the right meals for kids.”

Robin has enjoyed a decorated career and received various awards for her service. In 1991 she received the service to children award, in 1997 she received the Excellent Vision and Leadership in Developing and Implementing Programs for Children, then in 2005 received the Outstanding Dedication and Commitment for Quality Childcare.