Director of Food Services, Acelero Learning
Las Vegas, NV

Rhonda Kobylecky, CMP, CCNP

Board Member

Rhonda serves as the Director of Food Services for a multi-state Head Start organization. Acelero Learning operates in 4 states and serves approximately 5000 children. As a ServSafe certified trainer, Rhonda enjoys using her experince and expertise to train staff that will serve chlidren and has taught classes throughout various states and at the NCA Conference.

Having now served as both Regional Representative and Board Member, Rhonda has found that the experiences have, "really opened up my eyes to the many aspects of this field and the need to teach as many people as possible the importance of the nutrition programs for children. Part of my own growth has been to take and complete training to get my CACFP Management Professional Certification. I am pleased to say that I have earned this certification."

With her experience, Rhonda hopes to bring a different voice, that of the CACFP Head Start participant, to the board. Her desire is to use expertise in Head Start programs and regulations to support all the members of the NCA. While the goals of the family home care providers, center providers, and Head Start providers are the same, the processes are different. As a member of the board, Rhonda hopes to broaden the base to be more inclusive of all the programs that work toward increasing child nutrition goals and education.

“I value the NCA’s role in providing technical assistance, training, and in being a national voice on matters that are very important and that affect us all in our work with children and families. After all, we all have the same passion and same goal of healthy, well-nurtured children and families.”