President, Wildwood CACFP
Centennial, CO

Kati Wagner, CMP, CCNP

Vice President, Partnerships, Website, Conference

Kati Wagner will begin a two-year term as Vice President for the National CACFP Sponsors Association (NCA) and will represent the entire membership while participating in development of programs, activities, and policy positions.

Since 2009, Kati Wagner has been the President of Wildwood CACFP in Centennial, CO where they sponsor family child care home providers, centers, and afterschool programs who participate in the USDA food program. Kati’s business background allows her to see unique opportunities for providers.  Her expertise in handling the budget, dealing with legislation, and management has allowed her to be successful in the CACFP. Kati has made a positive impact on Wildwood, as well as the NCA, since joining the CACFP community.

Kati has served on the NCA Board of Directors since 2012 as Secretary and Treasurer as well as on the finance, conference, strategic planning, and governance committees. She brings a strong history of leadership and corporate perspective to NCA. She feels it is important to further her involvement as NCA gives sponsors and the providers a voice that may not be heard otherwise. Kati’s goals are increased membership, developing mutual relationships, and helping providers educate parents on the importance of having their children in care with a provider on the food program.