For The Children
Vici, OK

Denise Andrews, CMP, CCNP

Board Member, CACFP Week Chair

Denise Andrews joins the National CACFP Sponsors Association (NCA) Board of Directors through September 2020 where she will represent small sponsor membership while participating in the development of programs, activities, and policy positions.

Denise Andrews is co-founder and Executive Director of For The Children CACFP (FTC) in Oklahoma, which was established in 2000. FTC is a non-profit CACFP Sponsor for licensed child care homes. CACFP is an indicator of quality child care.

In her position at FTC, Denise strives to develop cooperative working relationships with other sponsors and child care providers and hopes to do the same at a national level.  Denise started her career as a young child care provider over 27 years ago so she can easily understand and relate to their positions. She would like to build a bigger, stronger voice for not only the provider but also the small CACFP Sponsors.  Denise shares, “I plan to work towards encouraging good nutrition one child at a time. Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high.”

Denise enjoys spending time with her amazing husband Monte, their four sons, three daughter-in-laws and her 5 grand children.