President, Wildwood CACFP
Centennial, CO

Kati Wagner, CMP, CCNP

Association Treasurer & Conference Chair

Kati Wagner was elected to the NCA Board of Directors in 2012.  She serves as Secretary and is on the finance, annual conference, strategic planning and governance committee’s for the Board of Directors. Kati brings a strong history of leadership and corporate perspective to the NCA.

Kati’s goals for NCA are to increase the number of members, develop relationships with others in childcare and the government, and help providers educate the parents on the importance of having their children in care with a provider on the food program.

Wildwood CACFP in Centennial, CO hired Kati as the President in 2009. As of July 2013, Wildwood began sponsoring centers as well. Kati’s business background allows her to see unique opportunities for providers.  Her expertise in handling the budget, dealing with legislation, and management has allowed her to be successful in the CACFP.

While Kati is relatively new to child nutrition she has made a positive impact on Wildwood as well as the NCA. In fact, what Kati most enjoys about her job is learning. “The more I learn, the more I can do,” says Kati.