Lehigh Valley Children's Centers
Allenton, PA

Debra Ghia

Association Secretary & Chair Board Governance

Debra Joan Ghia serves as Vice President for the CACFP of Lehigh Valley’s Children’s Center’s (LVCC) in Pennsylvania. The LVCC is the largest sponsoring organization in Pennsylvania, located in 20 counties that sponsor’s 600 homes and 20 centers serving over 4,000 children.

Debra and the CACFP team at Lehigh Valley Children's Centers, Inc. have grown the program over the last 30 years to be the largest sponsor in the Commonwealth.

Lehigh Valley Children's Centers’ sponsorship is dedicated to incorporate  fresh foods in their menus as well as being dedicated to educating providers on the importance  teaching good nutrition to young children. Debra’s goals as a member on the Board of Directors are to reach out to all sponsors and try to meet their needs. She believes in not only educating the child but also educating the entire family on the importance of good nutrition.

By serving on the Board of Directors Debra finds it very rewarding to share the most up to date information with the providers and sponsors she works with.  

In 1994 Debra was awarded the Women Who Empowers Others by the Chamber of Commerce. She currently serves as President of state Sponsor Association.